You want critiques? I’ll GIVE you critiques…


I’ve got a beef. No, not beef, although I do have a lovely steak waiting for me at home.

I’ve got a peeve, an irritant, a horn in my proverbial paw. And it has to do with other writers.

Put yourself in this position: You’re in a group of writers who have gathered specifically to critique one another’s work, bringing unique perspectives and interesting ideas to the table. You walk in truly believing that each person there that submits a piece to be read is looking for honest feedback, with the goal to improve their work. Not an unlikely scenario, right?

And then you read a piece. It has X, Y and Z wrong with it, from your eyes. Too flat, too much info, no character intrigue, bad grammar, etc. Whatever the case may be. You offer your comments and discover that the other critiquers have found the same problems in the piece.

Now, if you were the author of said piece, wouldn’t that be a red flag? A sign to give this a critical look with these problems in mind?

Apparently not.

Especially if said writer has paid some wanton ‘professional’ to edit their work.

Yeah, I suppose if I paid a good deal of money to someone, expecting a particular result, I might be a bit defensive if I was told by a group of ‘nonprofessionals’ that I’d been ripped off.

Then again, maybe I’m way off base. Having seen an author in the above outlined situation come to the intractable defense of a poorly conceptualized piece of writing, it makes me irritated and confused. So…maybe my initial assumption that everyone was looking for a critique was misguided? Or maybe all the critiquers in this group weren’t seeing something that was so plain to the author, and we were all being silly.


Here’s my point- If you just want to show off, fine. There is plenty of room on the internet for that kind of thing. But if you’re going to actively see out constructive criticism for something you’ve done (be it writing, art, programming, etc.) be prepared to at least THINK about the comments you get.

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