Update and Kittens!


From Kevin Dooley

I’ve been a very busy writer bee these days. I recently sent of Struck by Chocolate to a critique group, and will be hearing feedback from them in a couple weeks. I sent in a contract to Daily Science Fiction for my story “If You Want the Rainbow”; not sure when that will be out but I’ll post the link here when it happens. I’ve finished two short stories this year–one which sucks and one which [I think] is pretty cool. I’m in the middle of a third, which I’m enjoying immensely. And now I’m outlining a new novel! (Time traveling, hackers, human trafficking and tons of romance.)

From Brian Costelloe

It helps to see all those things laid out, because here it is the end of February and–as always–it doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing much. Which isn’t true at all. I set these really lofty goals for myself, and because the goals are so damn high, I don’t always reach them. Then, on not reaching them, I feel like I should have tried harder. But if I’d tried harder, sacrificed the time I spend doing other, non writing things, I think I’d go a little crazy. So, balance is good. Cause I like not being crazy.

I’m really falling behind in my book reading goals, having only finished 8 books this year. Goodreads says I am one book behind schedule in my 60 book year reading goal. I have to mention the book I’m reading right now, though. First to Burn, by Anna Richland (whom I work with on ECWC, and is part of the GSRWA) is a romantic paranormal suspense. An immortal viking stationed in Afghanistan, an army doctor, and drug smuggling. It’s a fun plot, but even more than that I just love her writing, and the way she uses the setting and these character’s backgrounds to really flesh out the internal monologue. Everything these characters think feels really appropriate and genuine for who they are. I like it so much I’ve inadvertently been reading it really slow, to savor it.

From Mohammed Al-Jawi

On Thursday nights I’ve been attending the Citizen’s Academy, which is a thirteen week course put on by a nearby police department. Once a week, for three hours, I sit in the courtroom and learn about the different facets of the police department. From the traffic division, to a tour of jail cells, to a K9 demonstration. It’s been super informative, and I already have a ton of notes and inspiration. There’s a good chance a PD near you offers a similar program, if that sounds as awesome to you as it did to me.

Along with minor house stuff, some directed journalling and spending more time with the supercool people I’m lucky enough to have in my life, (and working and commuting) my time seems to evaporate quicker than ever. But I take comfort in knowing I have something (albeit mostly Scrivener documents) to show for it.

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  1. Thanks Eliza! I’m glad you’re enjoying FIRST TO BURN. I’m having a hard time letting go of my characters and moving on to the next book, I care about these two so much. But I have to go date another immortal Viking now, for Book 3 … Book 2, out in October, will be about Cruz, one of Wulf’s teammates. Thankfully that’s finished.

      • Kahananui’s married with two girls and a mother-in-law living with him! Not sensing much romance bait there, until I feel like writing one of those reconnecting with your spouse stories, although he does have a few good lines in Cruz’s novella.

    • I have seen it. I’ve read it intermittently whenever the posts come through on my FB page. Then, she wrote SAD, and I added it to my bog feed. Because, yeah, having that in my life is awesome.

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